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10 Interesting Facts About Egypt

The world has many great mysterious places on earth that have a lot of great history and culture surrounding  I got a fact that just blew me away it blew my mom away and it's gonna blow you guys away it's really cool we'll get to it in this article 

        So the great country known as Egypt let's get into the basics it has a population of 97 million two hundred and ninety thousand three hundred people which makes it rank with that lucky number 13th in the world when it comes to population now keep in mind this is just a 2018 estimate because back in 2017 their census stated that the country had 94 million people which is pretty crazy guys I guess that means they had three million people born in the country this year maybe maybe more people moved I don't know but as for all these people they live in an area of approximately a land size of 1.0 1 million kilometers square making Egypt a pretty big country as a matter of fact it ranks 29th in the world when it comes to land size and with that land size and its population it ranks 100 at 18th when it comes to population density having 96 people per kilometre square now ok here on this blog normally we talk about really really positive things and for this article I mean I don't really want to start off on a negative one but this is just a fact that kind of came out right away and the reason I got to talk about it is because when I talk about land size I usually talk about water percentage because as for Egypt it has a water percentage of 0.632 percent and that's pretty crazy that it has such a low percentage of water and water is a big issue within this country as a matter of fact it's not just access to water but over half of the population doesn't have access to clean sanitary water which is a big problem in Egypt and unfortunately because of that they say approximately 50,000 children die a year because of diarrhea so yeah just you know I know it's a bad thing to start with but because I was talking about water percentage I just want to get that bad one out there 
     Ok let's move on let's talk about some good things about the country now one thing is when it comes to all this water most of it actually comes from the Nile River and it should be known that the Nile River is considered the second largest river in the entire world coming in at a total length of 6853 kilometers long now of course there's been a lot of arguments between whether or not the Nile is longer or whether or not the Amazon River is longer but they're actually pretty close to each other and although for some they may believe the Amazon River is longer the Nile River is actually one of the most important rivers in all of human history the reason for this is because most Egyptian cities in not just the modern world but also during the ancient Egyptian times are currently or were constructed along the riverbed within Egypt and thus in history it helped us create civilization which has been built up to the modern world we know today and with that in mind let's take a look at the GDP now for this article I like to use the purchasing power parity because it's a great way to compare nations now for agents GDP purchasing power parity it sits at approximately 1.201 trillion dollars now that's just a 2017 estimate but it currently ranks 21st in the world when it comes to GDP so that's pretty good as for the GDP per capita though this is where it becomes a little bit of a problem as the per capita lists Egypt having approximately twelve thousand six hundred seventy one dollars per person making it sit at about a 100th in the world and that's something that they're greatly trying to improve and to go further into this GDP we need to look at the exports of the country for example the exports of Egypt sit at approximately 27.7 billion dollars ranking 59th in the world now the biggest thing that Egypt exports is obviously crude petroleum which sits at approximately 14% but let's not forget good old-fashioned Egyptian gold which makes up 10% of all the exports within the country and those two are just like the obvious exports that people think of when you think of Egypt because for some people in the world 
     They may not think that agriculture is actually a big thing partially because they've probably seen a lot of movies of Egypt and they think well it's maybe just a big you know dry desert sort of country and although they say that the desert makes up about 90% of all of Egypt they are actually the largest producers and cultivators for dates out of any country in the world and as for figs they stand at second in the world however they also sit at fourth in the world for strawberries onions buffalo milk and eggplants and actually when it comes to your tomatoes and watermelons a lot of people actually get these from Egypt because well they sit at 5th in the world and for its agriculture it actually makes up over 29% of the workforce and oddly enough out of all the Arab countries Egypt is one country that isn't dependent on as much oil as the others as a matter of fact in 2018 it had the largest GDP that was non oil based out of all the Arab countries so there you go guys as much as you may think it's just oil coming from Egypt and that they have no agriculture a little bit wrong on that one now let's quickly jump over to imports because they sit at approximately 68.2 billion dollars ranking 42nd in the world now the largest thing that they import is refined petroleum and Patrol with a total of nine point nine percent of its imports but also Egypt is a huge importer of wheat which makes up about four percent of its imports as a matter of fact Egypt has such strong relations with the United States when it comes to wheat that they are the largest wheat market for the United States coming in at a total of 1 billion dollars which has the United States supplying up to 46% of all of Egypt's wheat needs now for this economy it is all under supervision from a unitary semi-presidential government which means they actually have a president and a prime minister of course at the height of this all the capital of the entire country is you probably guessed it Cairo now Cairo itself is one of the largest cities in not only Egypt but the African continent and is considered the 15th largest city in the entire world now modern 
      Cairo was founded in 99 AD by the Fatima dynasty but however the ground of which the new city stands was at one point major spots of ancient Egyptian culture for example Old Cairo predates the Fatima dynasty and because of its great history it's not only one of the world's oldest Arabic cities but it's also been designated a World Heritage Site since 1979 so of course when we talk about heritage and Egypt we gotta mention the fact that it has a lot of it like a lot of heritage as during the height of the ancient world it was a pinnacle for multiple accomplishments for Humanity and what I mean by that for example is they are still trying to figure out how they actually built the pyramids I mean they have really a kind of good guesses but truthfully some scientists ago and we still don't really know but one thing that's very interesting about its history is their artifacts and for example let's take the oldest piece of clothing that was worn by a human being which was found in Egypt now this was more or less a dress than any random piece of clothing that is known as the Tarkan dress and it was discovered in 913 ad and is approximately over 5,000 years old and is currently at the University College of London 
     Now Egypt is a very very big and defined country but if you go down to the southern area of the border you'll notice that its border is dotted instead of straight and this particular dotted region on the border is very well known known as bir tawil and it is a section between Egypt and Sudan that has not been claimed by either countries being 2060 kilometres square it is different from the triangle territory to the right known as the hala EEB triangle which has a land size of approximately 20,580 kilometres square now as for the hala Abe it is one area that is actually disputed between these two countries as it was an administrative boundary set by the British in 1902 and currently for this region Egypt asserts its political boundary while Sudan has administrative boundary so basically there's a lot of confusion of who kind of owns this area going back and forth between the two countries but as for bir to wheel off to the left it is the only region on earth that is considered habitable that is not claimed by any known government now one thing that we all know about the history of Egypt is that they were really great builders and artists but one thing that has not really talked about when it comes to the history of Egypt is how the Egyptians created what is considered the first real synthetic pigment now it is known as Egyptian blue and it is seen in many drawings on the walls and hieroglyphics and for this particular type of pigment it was used for thousands of years it is also known as calcium copper silicate and although more popularly known as Egyptian blue especially by the English since its term was coined in 1809 some people also call it cerulean and lastly guys this is the fact that I was telling you about earlier the one that totally blew me away the one that I think you guys might get blown away by and that is that the Statue of Liberty in America was not originally going to go to America but was actually gonna go to Egypt that is right the original as for the Statue of Liberty didn't have her designed as a Roman woman but as a Muslim woman in a veil this is because the original sculptor Frederic Auguste Bartholdi originally intended to have the Statue of Liberty be a beacon that was guarding the newly designed Suez Canal which opened in 1869 and at that time it was going to be known as Egypt carving the light to Asia however unfortunately Egypt actually rejected this plan outright and instead he decided to pitch it towards the Americans and changed the Muslim look of what is now known as the Statue of Liberty to a Roman looking woman so there you go guys that are some amazing facts about Egypt and I hope you guys learned something great here today my name is Dave Wawa and guys I'm just so happy to have learned some of these great facts and I hope you guys are too again keep in mind we'd like to do a lot of recommendations for you guys so be sure to let us know down there in the comment section below what you guys want us to talk about next also subscribe if it's your first time here and if you guys want to learn about more cultures and countries from around the world because that's what we do but this is the country of Egypt a strong and noble country that sure has had its ups and downs its problems and it's beautiful aspects Egypt is a country like others that has many important stories that reminds us of who we are and where we come from a country that strives to progress further for the positive this is the people country and culture of Egypt where the land may be desert but its heart is filled with life thanks for watching guys alright so if you like this stuff here's some playlists of some other countries that you guys can check out trust me check them out guys because you'll feel really awesome after being so educated you can impress your friends 
Thank you for reading


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