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20 Words EXPERT English Speakers Use All The Time!

     We're looking at 20 words that native English speakers used all the time now particularly we're looking at shortenings these are shortened forms of words an example would be instead of advertisement we say add much easier so these are shortened forms of words that make communication much easier so they're quicker to say they're easier to remember that's why we use them they generally informal and we use them in spoken and written English and to make them we usually cut off part of the word usually from the end sometimes from the beginning and occasionally we won't change the spelling of the words alright 
      let's see what we have number one intro short for introduction - Congrats sure for congratulations so congrats on the new job Congrats on the new job is in written form in spoken form both are completely normal number three unique short for universe I went to uni at Cambridge I went to uni at Cambridge or you could use it in other phrases for example I haven't seen my uni friends for ages I haven't seen my uni friends for ages your friends from university next one the veggie sure for vegetarian so you can describe yourself as being a veggie I'm veggie is in I am a vegetarian or we could talk about veggie food so the cafe makes really great veggie food the cafe makes really great veggie food next one this one probably most people don't like admin admin sure for administration so these are the things the bits of paper the forms you have to fill out I've got so much admin to do today oh I've got so much admin to do a phrase that we use quite a lot now is life admin are for so much life admin and that's kind of like paying your taxes paying your bills sorting out insurance for yourself all those things those tasks that we have to do for ourselves life admin oh okay quite a modern one now toes toes this isn't said by everyone not everyone will use this but it's really worth using it's really worth knowing totes short for totally and so if you agree with someone you might just say are totes totes or you might add it to another word so I that was totes amazing that film was totes amazing and I said not everyone like using this word or phrase but it a lot of people do next one fab short for fabulous okay so how was the film I was fat it was fat it was fabulous next one Depp oh sure for definitely so do you want to meet up next week therefore deaf oh and that means definitely really easy one here info short for information this is a great one carbs for carbohydrates so these are things like potatoes rice bread you know all those kinds of things so when we're talking about dieting and health we might talk about carbs so I'm trying to eat fewer carbs this is a really great one sick sick short for second now we use this in a lot of phrases to mean a short time so I'll be there in a sec means I'll be there in a very short time I'll be there in a moment and can you hold on a sec can you hold on a sec means can you wait for a short time so sick short for second this is a great one celeb short for celebrity so for example when I was in LA I saw loads of celebs when I was in LA I saw loads of celebs that means I saw loads of celebrities film stars and musicians TV presenters things like that here's one not everyone uses but I personally love it peeps peeps sure for people so I like when I walk into a class sometimes I'll say hey peeps and that means I hate people hey everyone it's pretty informal as I said not everyone uses this one but I think it's worth knowing peeps peeps okay this one is probably more widely used duck short for doctor so I'm going to go see the doc this afternoon I'm going to go see the doc this afternoon and that means I'm going to see the doctor another one that's widely used prep prep short for preparation maybe you have a job interview and you say ah I need to do some prep for my job interview I need to do some prep for my job interview and that means I need to do some preparation really simple one it's one pick short for picture or photo so uh can I see your holiday pics can I see your holiday pic means can I see your holiday pictures or photos this one again maybe a bit more informal orcs orcs short for awkward I personally don't use this one in spoken English I might write it in written English in a text message or something and it's when something awkward has happened so maybe someone has said something inappropriate or something funny has happened and you just write orcs they are dear oh dear I don't know why they did that aux next one prompts sure for probably so someone says are you going to the party tonight you say it props yeah props that means yeah probably again maybe more in written English than spoken English but people do say next one ABS short for abdominal muscles so there the muscles in your stomach and yeah we call them abs so I'm going to do an ab workout an ad workout is an abdominal workout in fact with body parts there are lots of shortened words pecs as well the muscles in your chest are your pecs your pectoral muscles and finally brawn short for brother but not necessarily I mean you can use it with your brother but these days people use it a lot with their friends so hey bro how you doing equally in Britain a super informal fan so a short full family but people use it for their friends this is real slang English so they might say hey fam how you doing like hey mates another word for mates basically or hey friends super informal fam and bro to a lesser extent well that was 20 words that I used all the time I thought that went really quickly tell me guys how many of those words do you use how many do you use in your spoken English or even in your written English your text messages your facebook messages how many do you use also let me know if I've missed any out have I forgotten any are there any more that you want to add to the list to help other each the dreamers learn more vocabulary let me know in the comments below write them out 
Thank you for reading 


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