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3 Amazing Facts About Dogs!

Dogs are humans very first pets even if you have a dog of your own I bet you don't know some of these amazing things about our furry best friends 

      For example did you know that all dogs are related to wolves that's right this is related to this cool huh remember what I said dogs or humans first pets well about 15,000 years ago humans lived alongside wolves and in time some of these wolves became domesticated meaning that they change from being wild to being able to live and even work closely with humans so over thousands of years some of those wolves became the domesticated dogs that we know and love wild wolves still live in many places in the world today but there are also more than 400 different breeds of dogs and all of the wolves and dogs on earth are thought to have descended from the same animal a pressure that roamed our planet millions of years ago scientists called it you see on TV see and it looked a lot like today's wolves with one major difference it was probably a lot bigger so if all wolves and dogs descended from this early predator that means wolves and dogs are related dogs are also related to other animals that look similar to them including foxes jackals and coyotes together with wolves these doglike mammals are called canines that's one big furry family 
     Now another cool thing about dogs they're super smeller's their sensitive noses have forty times more cells in them for smelling than ours do plus they have the ability to wiggle their noses in ways that we can't and that's not just a neat trick by wiggling each nostril separately dots you figure out which direction a smell is coming from so when they're born puppies can't hear or see anything but they quickly learn to find their mom and other important things in the world around them by just using their sense of smell dogs also use they're smelling skills when they meet new dog friends instead of shaking pause or barking to say hello dogs sniff each others butts dogs don't recognize each other by name or even by looks they identify other dogs by how they smell that's why they sniff because all dogs have special scent glands on their ears and dogs use those scents to learn about each other by sniffing a dog can tell if another pup is young or old a boy or a girl if he's sick or healthy and even what kind of mood he's in not all dog sniffing involves butts though lots of dogs put their powerful sense of smell to use in other ways some dogs can sniff out and rescue people who are lost some hunt for escaped criminals and a few are even being trained to sniff out deadly diseases that's awesome super dogs to the rescue 
    And lastly our third cool thing about dogs some of them can remember more words than a baby person even though they can't talk dogs make great listeners most of them can understand about 165 words way more than just sit or stay and some dogs can remember even more than that one border collie named chaser was trained to understand over a thousand spoken words and she learned those words as quickly as a small child would so dogs are smart now whenever you see a pooch whether it looks like a be Ozzie Louie or someone completely different you'll know that you're looking at a really smart relative of wild wolves with a super sense of smell.
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