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The Top 5 States in India | The best states to travel or visit in 2020

     What are the top five states in India and what are they known for India a nation with a vivid and rich history and heritage a mystical land where one sixth part of the world's population lives there is no other country that is as diverse as india nor as divided on so many basis by language by dialect by religion we attribute to India many of the achievements of humankind our buttons and cotton clothes the ruler the game of chess and the concept of zero but aren't you curious to know what each Indian state is famous for 
      Number 5 Gujarat Gujarat is usually referred to as the land of the Lions and legends it's well known for its vibrant art and culture along with the ever adorable Gujarati people the home state of Mahatma Gandhi also has the most vegan people among the 29 Indian states speaking of food in Gujarat you'll find one of the largest salt deserts in the world as well as probably the sweetest recipes lower gujarati recipes revolve around sugar to make a complete dish but it's not all about sugar and spices Gujaratis are also known for their business skills in fact the top five richest people in India are from Gujarat               Number 4 Punjab Punjab is known for its unique culture and tradition and famous voice cuisines festivals golden temple gurudwaras and more in the late 15th century guru nanak dev laid the foundation of Sikhism in this region nowadays Punjab is the largest eighth of the Sikh population there is absolutely no doubt that Punjab offers India's most mouth-watering dishes like Lucy and chhola bhatoora but Punjabis are not only talented in the kitchen the region also gave India countless singers and rappers comedians athletes and scientists Punjabi is also known for their hospitality and for the fact that they celebrate their festivals enthusiastically 
     Number 3 Maharashtra Maharashtra is the financial commercial and entertainment hub of India home to some of the most developed cities such as Mumbai and Pune and the most urbane state in India the main attractions Maharashtra is famous for its spectacular caves living examples of the ancient culture beautiful beaches and of course Bollywood a visit to the city will not leave you without a pivot experience of cinema chances are if you go for an early morning walk at the Juhu beach you will run into various celebrities but don't be too quick to think that the state is filled with glass skyscrapers and apartment buildings Sony's signal for example is not only known for its colorful houses but also for the fact that these houses don't have doors that's right the people here believe whoever tries to steal anything will face the wrath of God Shani Maharaj another unusual place in Maharashtra is shade parlour where each house in the village has a resting place for live cobras in the rafters of their ceilings      Number 2 tamil nadu the state is home to some of the oldest living traditions arts and culture glimpses of which can be traced in contemporary dance music and literature although tamil nadu is home to rapidly modernizing chennai the state also has some of the most pristine and isolated beaches in Tamil Nadu you'll find 17% of the Indian factories a higher percentage than any other state which makes it the second largest contributor to India's GDP if you live in a cold area there's a high chance the sweaters you're wearing was made in Tamil Nadu 90 percent of India's knitwear exports come from this region the state is also the tenth largest in the world in terms of wind power capacity and has the largest telecom bandwidth and highest tele density in India it's also the only Indian state with PO International airports handling over 13.5 million passengers every year     
    And now for the grand finale the top Indian state is no other than Kerala known as God's own country Kerala Bast's in the lap of nature the state offers the most breathtaking landscapes with a network of 44 rivers and turquoise blue backwaters exotic wildlife herbs emerald green hill stations and a crystal-clear Arabian Sea along its coast the richest Hindu temple in the world Padmanabhaswamy known for being built out of pure and precious stones is also located in getler last but not least the state is known by its pioneer in medication using Ayurveda as its treatment method it is also home to soma theorem the world's first Ayurvedic result do you agree with our top what is your favorite union state and why let us know in the comment section below.
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