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Top 5 Interesting Facts About Volcanoes

The five most fascinating facts that you probably didn't know about volcanoes one of mother nature's scariest creations 

        Number five Jupiter's moon Io has some Beast volcanoes before we get to our own planet let's travel into the vast blackness of space and visit IO the innermost moon of Jupiter IO is the most geologically active object in the entire solar system complete with over 400 volcanoes some with rings the size of California these volcanoes are insanely hot with temperatures reaching 1800 Kelvin or about 1500 degrees Celsius to put this in perspective the ground around the volcanic vents literally sizzles from the immense heat these plumes of sulfur and lava can rise over 300 miles into the air and can even be observed through the Hubble Space Telescope number for more than 80 percent of the Earth's surface is a volcanic origin ancient volcanic activity played a large role in shaping our planet into what it is and how it appears today this 80% accounts for all of the earth's surface including both above and below sea level gas emissions from volcanoes throughout millions and millions of years helped form the Earth's earliest oceans and even its atmosphere which as you probably know is kind of important for like life throughout the billions of years that Earth has existed volcanic eruptions have also helped shape the planets landscape including it plateaus mountains and gorgeous vistas eruptions continued create landmass in fact as one did near Nishan Oshima Island in Japan from 2013 to 2015 number three active volcanoes could power cities the idea of generating power using the heat of the earth called geothermal energy is nothing new so why not use the hottest parts of the earth to do it drill holes down to the super underneath my feet the steam and rushes up and power these huge great turbines here experts are now viewing active volcanoes as potential sources of renewable energy and efforts to harness their power are already underway Hawaii has ambitious plans to become 100% renewable by 2045 and they're planning on using their vast wealth of volcanoes to achieve that goal some questioned the safety of building a power plant on a volcano but engineers insist they'd be able to tell well in advance of an eruption was imminent it's probably worth the risk anyway this new technology could provide 30 percent more power than the typical geothermal wells that we use today plus harnessing the power of a volcano is undeniably cool in a Bond villain sort of way number two volcanoes can literally appear overnight while it is true that most volcanoes take thousands of years to form some actually do appear in the blink of an eye at least in geological terms parícutin a volcano located in Mexico randomly appeared in a farmer's cornfield on February 20th 1943 and within a week it was already 5 stories tall in 1952 nine years after it literally emerged from the ground it reaches its peak height of 424 metres or just over 1390 feet so when you go to bed tonight just remember that when you wake up there may be a volcano growing in your living room sweet dreams number one we'd be in a lot of trouble of Yellowstone Caldera erupted the Yellowstone Caldera is a beast that's been sleeping for 640 thousand years not extinct just dormant let's hope she doesn't wake up granted scientists claim that the chances of interrupting are slim but it would immediately result in ninety thousand deaths across the US and leave a 10 foot layer of ash within a thousand kilometers of the site not only would people be buried in burning ash but it would also disrupt electronics block up the Sun and cool temperatures this in turn would destroy crops and cause a worldwide food shortage while some geologists claim that it wouldn't be nearly as dramatic as that the ash would still disrupt communications shut down air travel and block water lines and that's the best case scenario on the plus side the various reports you may have heard that Yellowstone is overdue for an eruption are according to Yellowstone Volcano Observatory and the US Geological Survey false so are you fascinated or terrified by volcanoes and what do you think of the possibility that they could be used for energy for more world shaping.
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