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Top 10 Biggest Volcanoes In The World

     Power strength and destruction are normally the words used to describe a volcano however today we'll talk about some true Giants which have huge dimensions that are barely distinguishable in a landscape 
      Number 10 Mount Mazama Oregon USA to start this top we have to warn you about this volcanoes dimensions which are unimaginable it's 8156 feet in height and this volcano is not so visible because the main attraction from this area is the beautiful landscape which has a big lake named crater lake because it's principally fact a lake that was formed in a volcanoes cauldron this kind of phenomenon happens when it's inactive for a long time however don't let its tranquility in ornate mists fool you into thinking that mount mazama wasn't dangerous in its moments because it said that its last eruption reached the seventh grade being one of the biggest volcanic eruptions in the last ten years and we emphasize this number because it's been estimated that the Giants last eruption was fifty-seven hundred years ago approximately although it was declared inactive many years ago the United States Geological Service considers future eruptions probable so it represents a threat to anyone who is near it if and resumes its activities 
     Number 9 parícutin mexico this volcano is placed in mocha wok in Mexico and is considered one of the world's natural wonders it's also known as the youngest from the American continent because it was formed in 1943 the history says that a peasant saw how the ground opened and it emanated a thick vapor and rocks later this was seen all around the zone so it was evacuated it says that this volcano's activities lasted nine years the lava travelled 6.21 miles and erased complete towns from the map it could make all these catastrophes because it's situated 9200 feet above sea level its crater measures 660 feet wide and it's basically the size of to complete blocks even if it is an extinct volcano in a tourist area it could be active at any moment be careful 
    Number 8 Mount Tambora Indonesia this volcano is placed in Sumbawa Indonesia and reaches 9,350 feet above sea level besides its height this huge wonder has the title for the biggest volcanic eruption ever registered because in 1815 it caused the death of 70,000 people and the next year 1816 was called the year without summer because the eruptions changed Europe and North America's climates besides the fatalities this volcano had in history the Indonesian population has been reestablished however it's thought that an eruption of the same magnitude could make a complete destruction and would reach a higher victim rate that's why Tambora zone is maintained in constant monitoring and has declared 115 miles around it as dangerous areas 
     Number 7 mount etna cecilia italy now we go straight to cecilia italy to meet this amazing volcano that reaches a height of ten thousand nine hundred twenty five feet above sea level a characteristic that makes this the highest active volcano all around the Eurasian plaque its name comes from the Greek mythology where Etna was a place where her Festo the blacksmith God used fire actually Etna is considered the most active volcano worldwide because it's almost always in constant eruptions although it can be very destructive it isn't taken as a dangerous zone and thousands of people even live around it it's been declared as one of the sixteen volcanoes of the decade by the United Nations also it's been declared as human patrimony by UNESCO 
    Number 6 each in ski Russia situated in one of the coldest countries we find this enormous geographic construction it's obviously located in Russia to the far east of the Kamchatka Peninsula to be exact this extraordinary terrestrial formation is found 11834 feet above sea level as most of the already mentioned volcanoes in this video it's qualified is one of the highest according to the volume area of approximately 110 cubic miles however what makes this one different is that the territory around the volcano is covered with thick ice that form a lot of different glaciers the descent by its flanks despite of its impotent sighs it's not qualified as a dangerous volcano because its last eruption was registered in 1740 and even the whole volcanic peninsula has been considered as human patrimony by unesco for 20 years 
     Number 5 Oh moon Aloha Hawaii and evidently if we want to talk about volcanoes we can't stop mentioning Hawaii and it's because my own Aloha which in Hawaiian means large mountain is one of the five volcanoes that can form it it's located thirteen thousand six hundred seventy eight feet above sea level it's considered by many as the biggest volcano on earth and volume reaching seventeen thousand nine hundred ninety six cubic miles although it's an active volcano and also it's studied because of its huge in destructive eruptions a lot of closed areas are populated that's why the United States Geological Service maintains a risk map of all the area the last eruption from this natural wonder was in nineteen eighty four it didn't take any life however historically this volcano has disappeared full villages so it's not a surprise it's in constant monitoring 
     Number 4 tamil massive unlike most of the volcanoes in this top this is located under the pacific ocean at the east of japan and it's worth mentioning that it has a height of fourteen thousand six hundred twenty feet tall and is considered as the biggest volcano ever discovered even bigger than all volcanoes in the solar system and with this dimension it could leave anyone's mouth open however and by luck this is an extinct volcano which was formed in the Jurassic and Cretaceous period 145 million years ago to date a lot of enigmas are around this volcano despite this a lot of scientists have declared that this could be reactivated and caused a lot of natural disasters because an eruption can activate a chain of eruptions worldwide like in the dinosaur era which ended their life however there's nothing to fear because this will happen in about 2 million years approximately 
     Number 3 Black Mountain Mexico returning to the ground in Puebla Mexico we find another volcano at more than 15,026 feet above sea level this giant occupies the fifth place of the highest summits in the country and a lot of tourists climbed this volcano because there hasn't been activity in more than 2,000 years even being called an extinct volcano it's being said that this is one of the volcanoes with lower threat so much that the large millimeter telescope Alfonso serrano is placed in its summits 
      Number 2 Nevado del Ruiz Colombia getting closer to the first place we encounter a volcano placed in the center of Colombia at a height of 17,457 feet above sea level one of its characteristics is its geological formation which is covered mostly by glacier on the other hand this volcano has been active for two million years the last eruption in 1985 leaving 25 casualties this event is known as the Armero tragedy a name given because of the disappearance of the armed arrows municipio actually this volcano is in constant monitoring because it's still considered a threat from the towns and cities around it's even estimated that an eruption could possibly affect half a million people 
     Number 1 ojos del Salado Chile Argentina and in the 1st place we find the heights of the volcano reaching 22,910 feet above sea level a measurement that qualifies it not only is the highest volcano in the world but also as the second highest summit of the whole oxidant placed between Argentina and Chile it forms part of the andes mountain range and despite the high temperatures dry climate and closeness to the Atacama Desert it's known that in winter periods the summit is covered in snow a lot of people affirm that this volcano is still active however the last eruption took place 1300 years ago although known that the remoteness of this mountain is an impediment for the sighting of its actual eruptions.
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